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    Quickly unlock data potential through publicly available protocols.
  • Smart Innovation
    Expose and manage APIs for your enterprise and device data, empowering developers to create new digital experiences.
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    Do business with your customers anywhere, anytime by delivering cross-platform and data-rich mobile apps.

How do businesses use API Integrations?

An application programming interface (API) is a specialized piece of computer code that enables two different applications, programs, or databases to communicate with each other and initiate tasks and processes. APIs allow data to be extracted from one software application while ensuring that the data is formatted and passed to the next application without change, even when the feature sets of the associated apps have been updated. API integrations are Apps built to make use of API data.

Since about 2005, interest in APIs has been increasing exponentially. The importance of APIs to the public, businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, and programmers seems to be growing by the day. APIs are driving technical innovation at an ever-quickening pace, with everything from photo sharing, to online shopping, to hailing a cab facilitated by APIs.

APIs are proliferating rapidly as businesses use them to handle complex technological demands and produce seamless, efficient user experiences. As of this writing, the API directory site ProgrammableWeb lists 21,100 APIs in its database. Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and thousands of other major companies have APIs available.

Whether enterprise, startup or somewhere in between, no business can afford to miss out on the benefits of strategic API integration.

API integrations empower businesses to leverage the data and functionality of applications to create innovative products and offer access to wider audiences, supporting the creation of new business models and streamlined omnichannel retail strategies. Integrating platforms and apps removes barriers to revenue growth and allows organizations to scale fast.

The global “API economy” is evolving as an increasing number of organizations seize business efficiencies and work to stay competitive by launching business models based on the controlled exposure of enterprise digital services and assets to developers and other consumers. At Wodu Media, years of experience leave us uniquely positioned to help with your custom API programming requirements. We specialize in connecting APIs to produce results that are often game changing for our clients.

Benefits of API Integrations

An electrical wall socket is an endpoint that allows appliances and other electricity consuming items to be plugged in and connected with the larger electrical grid. An API is similar in that it represents an endpoint that allows applications to take advantage of functionalities offered by a platform or database. Only the provider’s infrastructure capacity and the developer’s imagination limit the number of applications that can be plugged into an API.

“Don’t reinvent the wheel. The internet is full of wheels… and most of them have APIs.”- Andy Chung, Entrepreneur

API integrations are also essential to supporting the increasing reliance on cloud-based apps and tools. Working with multiple cloud services is far more efficient when APIs are used to streamline application management. Web APIs also power mobile and social applications, along with innovative forms of e-commerce that deliver compelling user experiences by leveraging the combination of Web services and contextual information.

A classic example of API integration that has revolutionized user experience is the Google Maps API. Thousands of third-party developers have built unique and innovative applications that directly incorporate Google’s mapping functionality. With mobile digital devices becoming ubiquitous, a majority of Internet users are served by API integrations every day.

Example API Integrations

  • Facebook API
    The world’s largest social network has a powerful API that supports the fast creation of website logins and many other functions.
  • IDX Broker API
    This API enables broker/realtor websites to display up-to-date real estate listings from IDX Broker Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feeds. We specialize in building real estate websites around IDX technology.
  • Twilio API
    A cloud communications platform API that lets developers build global-scale voice & messaging applications.
  • Zendesk API
    The Zendesk API provides access to customer service and support ticket software used by over 60000 organizations worldwide.

Use API integrations to create a platform customized to your needs

Smart internal API integrations immediately add to the bottom line by automating manual processes and improving efficiency. External integrations help keep your company relevant and credible by providing cross-functionality with the popular and trusted apps your customers use every day.

API integrations can result in entirely new products and services in the same way that the strategic integration of map apps with service-request interfaces contributed to the birth of driver-on-demand services like Uber and Lyft.

Custom setup and connection of application programming interfaces is the best way to ensure seamless interaction and functioning of your enterprise software systems, adapt network tools for local use, and provide consumers with simple access to applications and data. Contact Wodu Media for a discussion of your custom API programming needs and we will design the perfect API integration solution to meet your business objectives and please your users.