We design and build beautiful responsive websites that perform flawlessly on all devices.

  • Creative, innovative, full-service web development
  • Mobile-first, responsive websites that perform flawlessly on any device
  • Expert search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign work, & content marketing

Are you looking for full-service web development?

In the realms of modern marketing and public relations, almost everything pivots around online presence. Business websites and social media profiles have come to dominate brick and mortar establishments as brand representations and locations for customer experience. These virtual spaces have evolved into product showcase and sales force combined.

But the Internet is a packed, noisy place. Everyone is online and jostling for attention with websites and on social media platforms. It is easy to get lost in the crowd. Great custom web design is the way to stand out from the pack.

Excellent web design is a crucial aspect of effective inbound marketing strategy.

On the Internet, everything hinges on being found by search users, then making a great first impression. The initial requirement is putting up a website that excels in both technical and aesthetic aspects.

Expert optimization results in a site that cuts through the noise to appear high on search engine results pages. Exceptional development skills ensure the lightning speed, user-friendly layout and functionality, engaging content, and creative design flair that keeps visitors on your site and turns them into customers.

Wodu custom web design services meet all the demands of effective Internet marketing strategy by seamlessly bridging the traditional gap between web development and design. Our team relies on tight collaboration between programmers and designers. We combine hand-coded construction that enables superior functionality with careful attention to layout, user interface, and aesthetic factors to create websites that are visually appealing, user friendly, and dialed in tight to marketing objectives.

Web Design That Works

Creativity, innovation, and an intuitive feel for what makes a site easy for users to interact with – these make up the foundations of a web development strategy that drives high conversion rates.

We build on that foundation by working closely with every client and understanding their brand, target audience, and marketing objectives. Constant communication and agile development processes ensure that our team knows the purpose of your website, all required functions and features, and the overall interface, appearance, and theme you are looking for.

If visitors find it hard to interact with your website or can’t easily find what they need, they leave and go to your competitors.

At Wodu, years of web development experience and a dedication to staying ahead of the evolution of technology allow us to skillfully connect design, development, and advanced Internet marketing strategy. We build excellent websites, but we are also full-stack experts who cover everything from code to content to social media campaigns, and we have a reputation for getting results.

Our Custom Web Design Capabilities

  • Goal Focused Design & Development
    Site designs that are a team effort by designers, developers, and marketers ensure a perfect match to clients’ functionality requirements and marketing objectives. Your site is going to look great, but effective design is not based solely on what looks good.
  • 100% Hand-Coded Websites
    We don’t take shortcuts – Hand-coding takes longer, but the result is software that is lightweight and bug-free. Hand-coding also gives us intimate familiarity with all features and specialized functions; this simplifies troubleshooting and support work.
  • High-Performance Site Designs
    Custom code, expert optimization, and high-performance hosting combine to produce websites that load fast and use server resources efficiently. Performance optimization is a theme that guides our development process from the initial consulting phase to project completion.
  • Comprehensive Custom Web Development
    Comprehensive custom web development work including usability studies, eCommerce store construction, intranet development, applications, and any type of special features needed. No matter how basic or complex your functionality requirements, our highly experienced team can create a solution.
  • Internet Marketing
    Expert search engine optimization, pay per click campaign work, and content marketing. As a certified Google® Partner, we are equipped to help you understand the internet landscape, form a plan, and connect with your audience.

Rule your digital domain

A strong online presence can make the difference between success and failure in a marketplace that is more competitive than ever before. And the ascendance of mobile devices and rise of SoLoMo marketing (Social+Local+Mobile) approaches is taking the concept of online presence far beyond the posting of a simple website. Businesses that win today are all-around masters of the digital domain.

An effective online presence goes far beyond your business website.

Whether you are supporting online presence for a brick and mortar enterprise or planning to run a large-scale eCommerce operation, you need a web development agency that listens, understands then executes beyond expectations. That’s exactly what we have been doing at Wodu since 1999. If you want a web presence that rules, put a crack team of digital developers and strategists in your corner by partnering with Wodu for your custom web design needs.