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Are your product descriptions powerful marketing tools?

Effective product descriptions drive sales by educating and persuading customers. A good description communicates the key benefits and unique selling proposition of a product while assuring customers that the product will satisfy their needs or solve their problems. Wodu Media product descriptions are powerful marketing copy.

Improperly done product descriptions can actually be worse than no descriptions at all.

Product descriptions have to be done right. The UK sportswear eCommerce retailer Freestyle Xtreme ran a split URL test to find out if adding a detailed product description to a page with images would increase conversion rates. Testing with more than 7,000 visitors revealed that the control page, with images but no description, produced over 31% more conversions. Why? The description was poorly designed and improperly placed in the page layout.

The correct combination of images, product descriptions, and overall page layout makes all the difference when it comes to generating eCommerce sales. The eCommerce experts at Wodu Media put together years of experience to create product descriptions that complement images by offering the supplemental information shoppers are looking for when making a purchase decision.

On-page search page optimization.

Product descriptions are a great way to communicate your brand identity and make shopping more fun for customers. Product descriptions are also an important part of on-page SEO. Image tags can be optimized for keywords, but a product page with no descriptions is a page with no content, and that is no good for search. Well-written, properly optimized product descriptions can help to improve search rankings.

Strong descriptions engage customers and can even encourage social sharing and back-linking to your product page.

Like any Wodu Media copy, our product descriptions constitute the unique, high-quality content favored by search algorithms. We make the most of the SEO opportunities a product page offers by incorporating keywords, strategic structure and formatting, answers to likely search queries, and valuable information. Taking time to know your brand’s ideal customer, crafting descriptions that sell to customers directly and personally, and optimizing the description copy to attract the latest versions of the Google search algorithms. These are the pillars of Wodu Media’s strategy for turning a mundane product page into a powerful sales tool.

Maximize the impact of your product pages.

Strong product descriptions help the reader imagine what it would be like to own your product. They tie features to benefits in a clear manner that helps customers to know if a product is right for them. Strategies like the use of sensory words and social proof convince undecided buyers to make a purchase. Wodu Media product descriptions maximize the impact of your eCommerce pages.

It takes a healthy dose of sales and marketing know-how to write product descriptions that set your brand apart and communicate your passion for your products to the customer. The team at Wodu Media combines high-level content strategy with a deep knowledge of eCommerce to produce some of the most effective product descriptions on the web. Contact our copywriting department today and learn how we can help you sell more.