A consistent approach to website maintenance is crucial to keeping your site healthy, encouraging traffic growth, improving SEO, and boosting search results page rankings.

  • No long-term contracts. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.
  • One price includes enterprise-grade web hosting.
  • Dedicated support ticket system for submitting and tracking requests.

Are you searching for a cost-effective way to maintain a professional-looking website?

Running a successful business is a full-time job and then some. With so much to do already, it is no surprise that many business owners do not look much further than just getting a website online then calling it good as long as it pretty much works. But neglecting regular website maintenance is the wrong move to make.

A well-maintained website is attractive to both customers and search engines alike. It is secure and delivers the fast, reliable performance that visitors want and your business needs. Letting a website go too long without attention to its health is similar to neglecting your own health – both reduce working capability and effectiveness and are likely to end in a catastrophic breakdown. In cases where critical security patches and updates are neglected, the result can be a site that is a threat to visitors.

It is not unusual for small to medium-sized organizations to lack the staff and knowledge resources needed to efficiently handle website maintenance in-house. Even large companies can benefit from outsourcing regular routine maintenance work and freeing up the IT Department to attend to other projects. Individuals who run personal sites should view professional maintenance service as being similar to taking a car in for regular oil changes and inspections.

This is where Wodu Media’s Website Maintenance services come in. We offer a variety of well-thought-out, cost-effective plans designed and administered by experienced professionals. Choosing one of our great website maintenance plans is your solution to maintaining a high-performance, engaging site at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dedicated webmaster.

The Essentials of Effective Website Maintenance

Website maintenance involves planning and sticking to a regular schedule of checking your site for problems with security, speed, and function, bugs in backend code or mistakes in client-facing content, and components that need updating. It is all about ensuring that the site is secure, fast, and functioning correctly for all users, in all browsers, and on all the latest mobile devices.

Website maintenance is not the place to skimp on investing time and money because corners cut today result in far greater future expenditures.

Just like taking care of a car, maintaining a website at peak performance calls for carrying out a number of particular tasks at varying time intervals. When done in a careful, consistent manner, everything should be routine and major issues will rarely be encountered. One exception to the interval rules would be security updates and patches. These are time-sensitive and it is good practice to keep a near-constant eye on them.

Website Maintenance Check List

Weekly Checks

  • Be sure a back-up of your site is saved.
  • Check for error-free page loading.
  • Make necessary updates to software and plugins.
  • Find any 404 errors and fix or redirect.
  • Repair broken links.
  • Ensure that any forms are working correctly.
  • Moderate any comments on pages and posts.
  • Post new or refresh old content.
  • Run a backup to save the new version of your site.

Monthly Checks

  • Review the site security scans for any issues.
  • Check website load speed and do any needed SEO work.
  • Analyze site statistics from the previous month.
  • Update your content as needed.

Quarterly Checks

  • Test your website for proper function on all devices and browsers.
  • Consider the site design and look for ways to improve it.
  • Test and adjust CTAs, forms, and popups.
  • Optimize meta-titles and descriptions.
  • Update graphics and images as needed.
  • Review advertising and marketing campaigns for needed changes or updates.
  • Check backup health by restoring a previous version of the website.
  • Look for ways to gain efficiency by automating aspects of your workload.

Yearly Checks

  • Renew your domain name as needed.
  • Evaluate the site design for any need to update.
  • Make sure all dates reflect the current year.
  • Review all content for topical accuracy and proofread for errors.
  • Check active email addresses and delete unnecessary extras.
  • Analyze blog post and article stats and add new content to top performers.

Wodu Media: Technology Agnostic & Highly Capable Website Maintenance

A proper approach to website maintenance is based on attentiveness and organization. Modern websites are often quite large and can run to hundreds or even thousands of pages. Designs and structures go out of date, errors manage to creep in to text content, higher resolution images become available – the possibilities are endless.

If your company does not have a full-time web development crew including expert copywriters and editors, it is very easy to fall behind. Far better to call Wodu Media and enlist the help of a team of sharp-eyed experts who do website maintenance work every day.

Our Website Maintenance Services

  • Full Service for CMS & eCommerce Platforms
    Expert support for WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce & more.
  • SSD Web Hosting
    Fast SSD web hosting along with software & security updates included with all Maintenance plans.
  • SEO Recommendations
    Free professional website scan with recommendations for improved search engine optimization (SEO).
  • New Page Creation
    Creation of new pages within the existing site design.
  • Graphic & Web Edits
    Creation & editing of graphics, text changes, page & image updates.
  • Link Management
    Addition, deletion, or modification of web links as needed.
  • Meta Tag Management
    Addition, deletion, or modification of meta tags as needed.
  • Analytics Dashboard
    One-login monitoring of SEO status, Social & PPC analytics, & website performance via our game-changing dashboard.
  • Customer Support
    Dedicated support ticket system for submitting and tracking requests.

We will keep your website secure, running fast, ranking well, and looking good. A website reflects a company’s values and approach to doing business. It is the face you present to current and prospective customers, so it must be slickly designed, clean and error-free, powered by the latest technology, and satisfying for visitors to interact with.

Shed the burden of running an effective website maintenance program and focus your efforts on building your business. Contact Wodu Media to explore our website maintenance plans and see which one is right for you.