To pull the ultimate performance from a Google Ads campaign, it is important to know and follow best practices for the platform. Our Google Ads Management Service puts years of PPC campaign experience and an encyclopedic knowledge base on your side to maximize returns on Google search advertising spend.

  • Needs analysis tuned to your business and budget
  • Complete campaign planning
  • Data-driven keyword selection and review
  • Tuned, targeted ad copy with split testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Google Quality Score evaluation and improvement
  • Ongoing campaign management

Worldwide digital advertising spend totaled $616 billion in 2022—in the United States alone, according to the latest numbers from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2021 Internet advertising revenue increased 35.4% YoY from 2020 to reach $189.3 billion. Of that ad spend, 41.4% went toward PPC advertising.

Search Advertising spend is projected to hit $133.50 billion dollars in 2023. 

PPC search engine advertising ranked as one of the most successful formats for the delivery of marketing messages to Internet users. Google dominates the search engine space, handling 8.5 billion searches daily to pull down a global search market share of 84.69% as of January, 2023. It is also the search engine of choice for mobile search users, an increasingly important market segment that prefers Google for 95% of their smart phone queries.

Just as Google rules the search engine domain, Google’s PPC advertising product has the biggest footprint in search marketing. Google Ads crushes the competition by pulling in about 56.1% of total U.S. search ad spending.

It only makes sense to put some of your ad spend on the leading horse in the race, so any comprehensive search marketing strategy should certainly deploy a Google Ads campaign.  Wodu’s Google Ads Management Service puts the power of the Google giant to work for your business.

Precisely-Targeted Advertising

By using strong keyword strategies to place your service or product in front of potential buyers right when they are looking for it, an expertly-planned Google Ads PPC campaign attracts clicks and increases your chances of pulling in new customers. 

Search-engine advertising targets users’ explicit needs and appears exactly when they are searching to fill those needs. 

Google Ads let you reach qualified, or good-fit, customers—the ones who most likely want exactly what you are selling. You are connecting with customers who have already expressed an interest in your product, making conversion more likely once they reach your site. Prominent placement on a Google SERP virtually guarantees increased website visits, phone calls, and foot traffic.

Google also provides a wealth of useful data to Google Ads users. Properly interpreting and acting on this data can absolutely make the difference when it comes to your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) numbers. It takes skill, time, and a touch of creative intuition—this is the package Wodu brings to the table. Save stress, boost efficiency, and reach your marketing objectives quicker by letting us handle your Google Ads PPC campaign.

How do Google Ads work?

Google’s entry into the search advertising business launched in October 2000 as Google AdWords and was rebranded in 2018 as Google Ads. Advertisers can use Google Ads to create and display PPC ads on Google search engine results pages (search ads) and across other Google platforms including Maps and YouTube as well as on relevant websites in the Google Display Network (display ads).

Google search ads leverage the power of keywords and the reach of the world’s most popular search engine to place your ads on customers’ desktop and mobile screens right when they have a high intent to buy. Also known as paid search or search engine marketing, this strategy is best for generating leads and conversions. 

Compared to organic search results, paid ads on the SERP get 65% of the clicks, with a CTR of almost 2%. 

Google display ads have a broader reach and use keyword-driven banner ads that target specific audiences, topics, and pages by showing up on relevant websites. This is a good way to build brand awareness and indirectly boost your search ad campaign performance.

The cost of Google search ads is determined by a bidding system that allows every advertiser to select a maximum amount they are willing to pay for a click. But bid price is only one factor in presenting and ranking an ad. If all it took was a high bid, Google SERPs would be filled with irrelevant, useless results.

Every time a user enters a search query, Google AI uses an Ad Rank formula to assign a Quality Score (QS) and determine in real time which ads will appear and how they will rank at the top of the SERP above the organic search results. The exact formula Google uses for calculating ad rank is not publicly available and is subject to constant change. Bid is important, but it is only one of 5 primary components contributing to the Google Quality Score assigned to an ad:

  1. Bid amount: How much you and the competition are willing to pay to rank for the target keyword.
  2. Ad quality in terms of historical CTR performance, relevance to the search keyword, and usefulness of the ad extension in terms of relevance to the searcher’s needs. 
  3. Expected CTR: The ratio of clicks per impression gives Google a lot of information about ad relevance/quality.
  4. Landing page experience: Google wants to send users to the best possible landing page based on the keyword they are searching. 
  5. Context of the person’s search: Google takes into account exactly what the person is looking for and compares each advertiser to see how well their campaign is going to help solve the user’s problem.

Ad quality score is the all-important holy grail of your Google Ad campaign. 

Advertisers who create really relevant advertisements by using their ad extensions with maximum effectiveness, have good landing pages that tie in tightly to the search keywords people are using, and have really organized campaigns in general with high CTR rates over time will be able to rank higher than their competitors even while placing lower bids for keywords. So high Google Quality Scores equal lower advertising costs, higher SERP rankings, and more customers/conversions.

Wodu Google Ads Services

If this all sounds very complicated, that’s because it is. Since the earliest days of search advertising, academia and industry have poured research efforts (and funds) into it. Lots of Ivy-League brain power and massive computational resources including AI have been unleashed on the task of understanding understanding and increasing the effectiveness of PPC marketing. 

The authors of a recent study reviewed state-of-the-art research on choosing and optimizing ad keywords—they found 267 research articles published between 2004 and 2022. That is for the topic of keyword decisions alone! Unless you have a dedicated team of data scientists on staff and plenty of time to burn, you need some shortcuts to Google PPC success. That’s what Wodu delivers with our Google Ads Management Services program:

Complete Google PPC campaign planning.
PPC search advertising campaigns are complex undertakings that call for careful planning and organization. They start with keyword research to identify terms that match audience search intent but have a balance between low competition and high search volume. Then competitor’s ads and keywords should be researched so you can create a unique selling point in comparison to competition. Keywords must be organized into ad groups, negative keywords identified, and keyword landing pages planned.

Finally, you are ready to create the actual ad copy including extensions, and an effective headlines and call to action for each ad. After your campaign launches, you will want to keep track of how competitors using your target keywords rank on the search engine result pages.

It’s a lot to do—this research and preparation takes many hours—but running a random, unorganized search ad campaign is simply throwing money away. There is too much high-performance competition out there. Wodu PPC Management Service delivers peace of mind and confidence that you have an edge.

Data-driven keyword generation and review.
Keywords are the links between advertiser, search engine, and customer. They are the critical word- and phrase-level units within a body of copy that put the ads in front of the target audience, increase traffic, and boost SERP rankings for a webpage. Developing the most effective keyword sets relies partly on the soft skills of understanding the audience and intuiting the search terms they are likely to use, and partly on hard data science founded in the keyword performance metrics that are available from various sources.

Keyword review processes are also an important part of effective search advertising. Audiences and their search term preferences change over time, the way Google handles keywords is a constantly moving target, campaign objectives evolve, and ad budget priorities shift. Your keyword strategy is not a set-and-forget operation—it demands monitoring, performance evaluation, and adjustment throughout the lifecycle of the campaign. These are functions that Wodu specializes in.

Landing page optimization.
When an ad view is successfully turned into a click-through, the visitor arrives at your landing page. This page is one of the most powerful components of any digital marketing strategy. No matter how any landing page might look, they all have a similar design objective that only varies slightly depending on the type of business and website: a landing page is meant to convert a visitor into a customer or a lead. 

Landing page design is both an art inspired by a multitude of factors specific to your business, and a science driven by experimentation and testing. Effective design and optimization takes experience, time, and careful attention. Wodu has landing pages mastered.

Targeted, tuned ad copy with split testing.
PPC ad copy must be exactly targeted to match your target audience members’ search intent or it will not draw a worthwhile CTR. The headline and text (assets) need to be tuned to correspond with the keyword you are bidding on while at the same time demonstrating an understanding of the searcher’s pain point and offering an attractive solution.

Split testing—dividing the audience in half and showing each half a different version of an ad—is the way to identify the most effective ad design and copy. Known as multivariate testing in scientific research, this is how you compare the conversion rates of differing ad campaigns. You can tell if an ad campaign works or not simply by comparing before and after traffic and conversions, but without testing you won’t pull the full potential ROAS out of a campaign. It’s complicated, but Wodu does testing.

Google Quality Score evaluation and improvement.
QS is a 1–10 scaled score derived from the combined performance of 5 components based on historical data generated by search queries containing your exact keyword. Ad QS is a critical piece of data because this is what determines ad ranking and placement on the SERP. Higher placement means more eyeballs on your ad and more chances to convert.

Proper QS management is at the heart of any successful Google PPC campaign. You have control over QS via bid strategy, keyword selection, ad copy, and landing page design/content. Sure, you could learn the ins and outs of QS, but the Wodu team knows them well and you have better things to do.

Wodu Makes Google Ads Work

PPC search engine advertising—particularly mobile search advertising—is an online marketing tidal wave that shows no sign of cresting any time soon. Do your business a favor and ride the wave to more clicks and increased conversions by getting on board with Google Ads, the undisputed leader in the PPC game.

No online marketing strategy is complete if it does not acknowledge and leverage the power of Google. Wodu Google Ads Management Services can help you meet PPC marketing campaign objectives while maximizing ROAS on the Google Ads segment of your campaign.

Don’t waste time struggling through trial and error to learn the secrets of effectively leveraging Google Ads. If you have already experimented without achieving the results you were looking for, we can turn that around. Get in touch with the Wodu team for an honest conversation about your business, your needs, and the role Google Ads can play in your future success.