• Business card, letterhead, #10 envelope design.
  • With compliments slip & presentation folder design.
  • All our designs are 100% custom. No templates!

Does your business project a professional, credible image?

Build your brand identity and project credibility with a stationery design that communicates a clear brand message through every item. Stationery is an excellent way to express business and brand personality because there are so many possible options and combinations to work with. Graphic work, paper stock, inks, textures, and accessory packages all offer room to experiment and ways to stand out. The Wodu Media design experts can create unique custom stationery for your business.

Creative design and quality execution distinguishes a brand from others in the market.

In a world dominated by digital communication, it is easy to overlook the important role a well-designed stationery set plays in identifying and advertising a business. From business cards through letterhead, envelopes, and labels to writing tools, promotional swag and more, stationery extends a visual and tactile expression of brand identity. It also establishes an impression of your company as detail-oriented, credible, and dependable.

We love design work at Wodu Media, and stationery design gives us a chance to have some fun. Getting to know a company and brand, then engaging in collaborative work around logos, graphics, paper stocks and all the rest of what makes stationery so interesting is an exciting process. And seeing the expression on a client’s face when the whole package comes together and pops in a way that exceeds what they had imagined is very rewarding.

Professional Business Stationery Design

There is a reason behind the fact that personalized stationery items have been a standard part of corporate image and branding for at least a century. The need for business cards is a given. Making company name, address, and additional details available on a range of other printed materials has practical benefits and also makes an important contribution to branding and marketing efforts. A professional stationery set can communicate so much about a business in so many ways.

Personalized business stationery printed on superior quality material makes a statement about a company.

At Wodu Media, we have not forgotten the critical importance of corporate stationery. It enhances marketing efforts, supports outreach and networking, creates brand awareness, and is just plain useful. Stationery leverages the company logo, livery, and overall design sensibility to speak volumes about a business and its products or services. That’s why we give every stationery design project our utmost effort and attention.

Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Stationery lets you give clients and customers a memorable, hands-on message from and about your company. Your company website and stationery set are two of the strongest projections of brand identity available. They are critical strategy tools for attracting new business and ensuring respect and loyalty from current customers. Project a professional appearance and reinforce your brand identity with custom stationery design by Wodu Media.

Trust your stationery design work to a company that fully appreciates the value quality stationery still offers in a digital world. The designers at Wodu Media will help you achieve the perfect presentation then put together the package of items that will work best for your message and marketing strategy. Schedule a consultation and let’s start getting your stationery design ideas on paper today.

How It Works

  1. Sign up for the service you want via our secure shopping cart.
  2. Provide input as needed as our experts go to work on your project.
  3. Allow 7 days for initial concepts. Once the project is approved you will receive your deliverables.

The process should take 14 days from start to finish. Please contact us if you need something sooner and don’t mind paying a premium for rush service.

What We Need

  • A logo file in vector format. (If you need a logo please start with our professional Logo Design service.), Examples or links that can give us some ideas about styles that appeal to you.
  • Information about your brand’s unique selling points and your target audience.
  • The contact details you want to be placed on each item.


  • Business Card (Front and Back): 90×50mm
  • Letterhead (A4): 210×297mm
  • Envelope (DL): 220×110mm
  • Compliment Slip (Front and Back): 210×99mm
  • Folder (A4): 220×310mm
  • JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, and PDF versions of your work will be provided in a carefully organized folder.