Social share count analysis of over 100 million articles revealed that content in the 3,000 to 10,000-word range got the highest average share count – nearly twice as many shares as content in the 0-1,000 word range. Case studies have shown that the use of high-quality Long-Form Content can increase conversion rates by as much as 37.5%.

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How can long-form content transform your digital marketing efforts?

Long-Form Content – articles in the three to ten thousand word range – is website content designed to captivate website visitors and earn high rankings from Google search algorithms. Long-Form Content is compelling writing that focuses on a question, an issue, or an idea that readers are interested in. By engaging readers’ attention and satisfying their needs, long articles keep visitors lingering on your site, increase visitor counts and conversion rates, and encourage sharing. Wodu Media creates powerful Long-Form Content.

Optimizing your website content can generate major ROI. Providing value with longer but useful and well-written articles that position your brand as an authority is an excellent place to start. Quality long form website content resonates with readers, enticing them to spend time reading. When visitors spend more time on your website, you get rewarded with higher search rankings because Google’s algorithm is known to prefer content that holds attention longer.

Wodu Media gives your company easy access to experienced, creative content writers. Our content professionals are masters of presenting well-researched, accurate information in cleanly-written, easy-to-read pieces that take a reader from introductory to advanced levels of knowledge in one article.

Give your brand the edge with aggressive content marketing.

Older schools of content marketing thought held that people did not read long pieces of website content. That thinking changed as increasingly sophisticated search algorithms were tuned to reject short, poor-quality, keyword-stuffed content in favor of well-written articles that do a better job of answering users’ questions. And because so many people are still in the short-from rut, unwilling to muster the time and talent it takes to produce quality long-form writing, brands that offer length combined with quality can come out on top. Wodu Media Long Form Website Content can give your brand an edge.

Wodu Media can show you how to strike the right balance between engaging, useful long-form articles and snappy, informative quick reads. We know how to combine textual elements with visuals in ways that capture eyeballs, making people want to read and share your content.

High-quality content generates high-quality traffic.

Search algorithms reward brands that post unique, well-written content that delivers value to search users. Providing value attracts more visitors to your site and inspires readers to share your content with others. Comprehensive, detailed, and accurate Long Form Content will establish your site as the place to go for good information, and your brand as the authority in your product space. Make an impact with high-quality Long Form Website Content from Wodu Media.

Put your website above and ahead of the rest with visually appealing, readable, informative content that will leave site visitors looking for more. Contact the Wodu Media Content Team today to plan a complete content strategy customized for your brand.