Increase the speed of your digital experiences with a Wodu. Customers experience an average of 120% improvement in site render time after working with Wodu.

  • A faster website is proven to increase conversion.
  • Speed optimization improves on-page SEO.
  • Over the years we’ve optimized 100’s of websites.

How to boost the speed of your WordPress website

If you want your WordPress website to be the fastest it can be you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing more exciting to us than reducing page load time from 5 seconds to under a second. Making websites faster is in our DNA.

WordPress™ Speed Optimization For More Sales, Leads & SEO.

Speed optimization improves on-page SEO. You probably already know that a fast website is essential if you want to rank higher than your competitors in the search engine result pages, especially in Google SERPS. Boost your SEO with our speed optimization service.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Top 3 Reasons To Purchase The Leading WordPress Speed Optimization Service

  1. Increase Conversions
    Speed optimization is proven to increase conversions, revenue, and reduce bounce rate. Studies have proven that conversions increase for every second reduced from page load time. An extra one second delay can cost businesses 7 percent of their sales.
  2. Boost SEO Rankings
    Speed optimization improves on-page SEO. You probably already know that a fast website is essential if you want to rank higher than your competitors in the search engine result pages, especially in Google SERPS. Boost your SEO with our speed optimization service.
  3. Improve User Experience
    A fast site equates to good user experience (UX), and good UX results in a higher number of conversions. Most users will abandon a site that takes longer than 4 seconds to load and slow load time is the number one reason cited for shopping cart abandonment.

Plans & Pricing




  • Advanced Caching Setup
  • Image Optimization (up to 1,000)
  • Plugin Audit
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup
  • Anti-heartbeat Setup
  • Speed Optimization Report
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Includes everything from Premium, plus:

  • Image Optimization (up to 2,500)
  • WooCommerce Speed Optimization
  • Cache Preloading from XML Sitemap
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Includes everything from Ultimate, plus:

  • Image Optimization (up to 5,000)
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • Apache/Litespeed configuration
  • MySQL Tuning
  • Website Migration
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Our Rocket Boost for WordPress includes

  • Page Caching
    The PHP and database content of your website is compressed to its HTML essence. This technique promotes an ultra-fast load time and lowers server load.
  • Browser Caching
    With browser caching, static content (JS, CSS, images) are stored in the browser. When a visitor goes to another page on your website, this static content won’t need to be re-loaded.
  • Remove Query Strings
    This will remove the version query string from static resources to increase the Remove query strings from static resources grade on GT Metrix.
  • Image Optimization
    We run all your images through an advanced image optimization service. The plugin then remains on your server and will optimize future images as they are uploaded.
  • Plugin Audit
    Plugin conflicts are common with WordPress, and we like to dig deep and see who’s not playing nice. We’ll sort out your plugins and may delete unused and unnecessary ones.
  • Database Optimization
    Over time databases can become bloated, storing transients and unneeded revisions of your posts. We’ll clean it up, then set up a weekly optimization sweep.
  • Anti-heartbeat Setup 
    WordPress Heartbeat API can start sending excessive requests to your server which can lead to high CPU usage.
  • Mobile Optimization
    Speed Optimization will also take place for your website on mobile devices, and if you have a separate mobile theme, we’ll cache that separately, too.
  • GZIP Compression
    To optimize the rendering of web browsers and save bandwidth, we use gzip compression, expires headers, and tags.
  • Cache Preloading
    We simulate a visit to preload the cache, so it’s always fast for the next visitor. If available, we will also preload the cache from your sitemap.
  • CDN Available 
    Our advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributes CSS, Javascript & Image files on servers across the world to radically increase page load speed.
  • WooCommerce Speed Optimization
    WooCommerce Cache Configuration, including special care taken not to cache your checkout and cart pages (which would be very bad).
  • Advanced Optimization
    On the more esoteric end of the scale, we deploy minification of CSS/JS files, DNS prefetching, and JS deferment.
  • Cache Preloading from XML Sitemap 
    We’ll set up an XML sitemap of your site pages, and preload the website cache from it.
  • Cloudflare Setup 
    Migration of DNS to Cloudflare and expert setup.
  • Apache configuration 
    Server-level Apache configuration to squeeze every last bit of performance out of your hosting. Requires Root Access.
  • MySQL Tuning 
    We’ll optimize your database for ultimate performance.
  • Website Migration 
    If required, migration of your website to a more performant web host.
  • Speed Optimization Report 
    You will receive a detailed report on the speed optimization techniques we conducted on your website.

Free Website Performance Scan

Over the years we’ve optimized hundreds of websites, large and small. In our experience, every website has room for improvement and we are happy to take a look at your site 100% free of charge.

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