The implications of a hacked website are extensive and serious: credit card numbers could be accessed; personal identity theft is a real possibility and credit ratings, built up over years can be destroyed over night.

  • Guaranteed website hack repair since 1999.
  • Offsite backup, firewall installation & scan.
  • Website removed from Google blacklist.

Website Malware Removal

“This site may be hacked” is the notification from Google no webmaster wants to receive:

If you do, it requires your immediate response to protect your website and personal data. All your hard work may seem like time, effort, and money wasted, but don’t despair. Wodu Media’s malware removal service will repair your website and secure your site against further attack.

Research shows that professional computer hacking is on the rise, along with petty criminals and opportunists, who can ruin the good standing of a company or individual with little effort. An estimated forty-three million American websites were hacked last year, making Wodu Media’s Hacked Website Repair service a must-have for any serious business with internet investment.

Hacked website repair services by Wodu

What Does Hacked Website Repair Entail?

  • Rapid Response
    Wodu Media will start working on your website right away and will follow up until the matter is resolved.
  • Enterprise-grade Scanning
    We scan and inspect every file on your website for malicious code, blackhat SEO spam injections, malware, and more.
  • Cleanup & Repair
    We clear all hack related issues, including phishing, drive-by downloads, backdoors, and other malicious files
  • Security Plan Provided
    Wodu Media’s goal is prevention, so we will provide you with a detailed list showing how to protect your website in the future.
  • Ongoing Support
    We include ongoing monthly monitoring and backups which is crucial to the ongoing security of your website.
  • Web Experts
    Wodu Media has years of advanced web development expertise, which we can use to our advantage when fixing hacked websites.
  • 100% Secure Billing
    We securely invoice and bill our services, so there are no surprise charges. Payments are made via Visa, Mastercard, Discover & AMEX.