Your business will attract smarter inbound marketing with powerful Wodu Media-coded lead generation forms. ‘Leads’ (and lead generation) can often mean different things depending on the industry, but essentially it means the same thing: a potential client who has expressed an interest in your products or services.

Let Wodu Media help you capture quality leads. Good leads form the basis of any successful online business. Leads will visit your site, sign up for email alerts, recognize you in their social media feeds, read your blogs, download your ebooks, click on your ads and, most importantly, make purchases. Once familiar with you, the trust grows and what started out a casual visit to your website will quickly evolve into a returning, loyal customer relationship.

The Evolution of a Lead

  1. An individual visits your website or store.
  2. He or she fills out a form and makes a purchase or otherwise completes an action that puts a name with a visit.
  3. Your database is populated with new or updated information.
  4. The door to personalized marketing is opened or widened.

An example lead generation form

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