One out of every four online businesses uses Magento, and it’s chosen by twice as many top retailers as any other eCommerce provider.

  • Custom Magento eCommerce site development.
  • Magento data migration and content management services.
  • Large-scale online branding and merchandising solutions.

Do you know what we can do with the Magento eCommerce platform?

Magento is a very powerful PHP-based open-source eCommerce platform that has the distinction of being the most popular online commerce platform in the world in terms of merchandise volume transacted. Magento handles over $155 billion in transactions each year and provides integrated content and shopping user experiences for customers of Ford, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Helly Hansen, and other global-scale enterprises. The Wodu Media Magento development experts can create a highly engaging online presence for your brand with a site that seamlessly blends support for rich content presentation with a massively scalable eCommerce application.

Growing companies with large, complex product lines and expanding customer bases need a platform that is capable of handling heavy eCommerce loads while presenting a unified customer experience from the first content page through the final check out window. The site also has to remain reliable under very heavy traffic. A properly designed Magento site does all this. That’s why Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms available for medium to large enterprises or forward-looking smaller businesses that anticipate the need to scale up but don’t want to change eCommerce platforms.

Magento has an extensive range of capabilities. Users have full control over the appearance, content, and function of the online storefront, and the platform offers support for virtually any type of products both simple and configurable. Developers can set up tiered and customer group pricing arrangements, apply shopping cart rules, present multiple currency and language options, run onboard search engine optimization and catalog management tools, and do much more. Store features can be customized and expanded nearly without limit with options from the world’s largest and most versatile offering of customized, tested extensions at the Magento Marketplace. Magento is an eCommerce platform with vast potential, and Wodu Media gives you access to a Magento development team that can handle the programming demands associated with fully utilizing that potential.

We Build High-Performance Magento Websites

A Wodu Media Magento development project begins with a conversation about your online business strategies and overall vision for your brand. We will create a design blueprint that includes front- and back-end site features selected to provide the ideal set of marketing, analytical, and administrative functions for the specific needs of your business. Easy maintenance and upgrades and access to comprehensive support services are features of every Wodu Media Magento eCommerce build.

Our Magento capabilities and services include:

  • Magento Information Architecture
  • Magento Design & Development
  • Magento Content Management
  • Magento Data Migration
  • Magento API Integrations
  • Magento Theming
  • Magento Migration
  • Magento Support & Maintenance

Magento is perfect for businesses looking for a single application to support their entire online presence.

No other eCommerce platform matches Magento when it comes to scalability. Open multiple storefronts and expand product databases from simple presentations of a few units to catalogs of tens of thousands of items with complex configuration options. Boost conversion rates by personalizing content displays, promotions, and pricing systems to segmented customer groups. Engage site visitors in rich brand interactions with personalized content and promotions linked to a smooth path to purchase. Build a loyal customer base by offering support for user accounts with instant purchase and easy reorder features as well as order history and a variety of payment options.

Enterprise-Level eCommerce Solutions

From the admin side, user-friendly order management tools, flexible shipping controls, and a dashboard that includes site analytics are just a few of the features that make Magento one of the most efficient eCommerce platforms available. And Magento is future-ready with optimal mobile experience is baked into the core design. At Wodu Media we draw on deep experience on the cutting edge of mobile website technology to make sure our Magento sites display beautifully on any device.

Serious eCommerce entrepreneurs and brick-and-mortar enterprises looking to establish a substantial online presence with the potential for global reach will want to consider Magento. Businesses that are already running a Magento eCommerce site can depend on Wodu Media for the latest in optimizations and functionality upgrades. Reach out to our Magento development team and tap into serious eCommerce power for your business.