Whether you need a complete website migration as part of an upgrade to one of our high-performance WordPress hosting packages, are moving to an updated WordPress server instance, or simply want to carry out some database management work, you can rely on the pros at Wodu Media.

  • Forget the worries about mistakes, data loss, and website damage.
  • Minimize the delays and downtime so often associated with data migration work.
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Is it time to make a move with your WordPress website?

In the simplest terms, WordPress data migration refers to the process of moving the data in a WordPress website from one platform to another. A change of hosting providers is one of the most common scenarios in which owners of business and personal WordPress websites undertake data migration work.

The rise of cloud-based hosting and storage services has motivated many migration projects as firms look to optimize the performance and usability of their websites while outsourcing the headaches associated with the provision of maintenance and support services. Some of the other typical reasons for migrating a WordPress website include escaping from Google penalties, undertaking a rebranding process, and grabbing a better domain name.

Data migration is often seen as a difficult and risky process but it is a necessary evolutionary aspect of maintaining an effective online presence.

If you run a WordPress website in support of a growing business, you will eventually encounter the need for data migration. The WordPress platform continues to evolve, server technology advances constantly, and hosting options seem to expand daily. With these factors in mind, it would be wise to view periodic data migration as a routine aspect of maintaining your online presence and providing the networked services your company and customers depend on.

A full WordPress migration consists of three parts. First the files have to be moved from the WordPress application to the local computer. Then, the database is exported from the old hosting account, a new database is created on the destination hosting account, and the migrated content is imported into it. Finally, the WordPress application is reconfigured to work on the new server.

The process appears to be straightforward and simple, but in reality, each of these steps holds the possibility for problems to arise and prevent a successful data transfer. Completion of the migration may be delayed and data could be lost or corrupted. In a worst-case scenario, data security could be lost and the data would become vulnerable to bad actors.

When things go wrong with WordPress data migration.

Depending on the size and complexity of the database involved, there are a number of challenges that can arise during the WordPress data migration process. One of the most common is time-out of the phpMyAdmin tool, a popular plugin used for WordPress database management.

To move a WordPress website, the data must first be exported to a dump file then imported into the empty database waiting on the new host. When working with a large database, phpMyAdmin often proves to be incapable of handling the export/import tasks. In this case, the support teams at the old and new hosting providers must be called in to create the database backup and import the dump file.

Migrating a WordPress website is a serious undertaking that requires effort, patience, and expert knowledge of WordPress code.

 Another common issue is difficulty with reconfiguring the wp-config.php file after the database has been successfully transferred. The database settings will need to be altered to match the new database name, user, and password. Then the DNS settings have to be changed to reflect the domain’s new location. Often, and especially if too little testing has been done, the website may not open or work correctly on the new server.

An additional source of error at this stage in a database move is mismatch between existing file permissions and the requirements of the new host. If you are going to a high-quality hosting provider and your file security is too low, you will get an Internal Server Error message.

On the other hand, moving to a low-level provider could result in all your permissions being set at 777, which gives anyone access to your files and is an extreme security risk. Both the reconfiguration and file permission problems can be sorted out, but it takes time and effort.

The best way to reduce risks and avoid problems during a WordPress data migration project is to come in to the job with plenty of experience, knowledge, and resources at your disposal. The objective is to keep your data protected, carry off a smooth, trouble-free migration process, and come out the other side with your site traffic count and SEO ranking holding steady if not improving.

Save time and headaches with Wodu Media’s WordPress data migration services.

Even though it is possible to run your own WordPress data migration either manually or with the help of a plugin, at Wodu Media we recommend turning this critical work over to experienced professionals. Particularly in the case of a large enterprise-critical website, the small cost savings of the DIY approach do not compensate for the headaches and risks that can arise even during a relatively problem-free data migration project. And when you consider the financial and reputational losses that can occur if a migration goes completely off the rails, bringing in the pros is very cheap insurance.

When you have Wodu Media on your side, the worries and stress associated with WordPress data migration are eliminated. To start with, our top-quality hosting services will make a big difference in the ease of your move. We will help you determine the best migration strategy for your needs, set objectives so you can measure the benefits of the migration, plan the process and give you a timeline, assist with the necessary testing, and explain the outcomes of migration in terms of SEO and UX factors. After the migration, we will make sure your WordPress website is optimized for maximum performance.

The team at Wodu Media can provide expert WordPress data migration services to suit any situation. In addition to making the move to one of our high-performance hosting services, we often find clients needing our help when:

  • Staying with the same provider but switching to a hosting setup with higher capacity and performance.
  • Moving data to a new and updated instance of WordPress.
  • Consolidating data from several WordPress websites onto a single site.
  • Cloning an existing WordPress website to create a staging site for testing changes and updates.

Count on Wodu Media for WordPress perfection.

Although WordPress is extremely powerful and capable in the hands of developers who have the skills needed to go beyond the basics of the platform, user-friendliness is the real driver behind its incredible global popularity. However, even though launching a new WordPress site is very easy, moving an existing site is not necessarily so simple.

There are nearly always some X-factors to deal with in a data migration, but the move must still go off smoothly. Downtime has to be kept at the absolute minimum, and you never want visitors to see a broken website. Your best strategy is to call Wodu Media. We have the experience and expertise needed to make WordPress data migration a breeze. You will skip the stress and hassles on the way to upgraded online presence and improved site performance that ultimately delivers to your bottom line.

Beyond data migration, Wodu Media is your go-to firm for any and all WordPress web development and management work. We can also handle all of your digital marketing needs. Contact us today to explore possibilities for your WordPress data migration project and discuss any other ideas you might have for your WordPress website.