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Looking for Custom Photography & Video Services?

Quality photo and video content can make the difference between successful and so-so when it comes to online marketing, branding, and promotional efforts. Images attract attention, engage the audience, and communicate important information. But many businesses overlook the importance of the visual content published on their websites and in their marketing materials. Count on Wodu Media Custom Photography and Video Services for visual content that stands out from the rest.

Vision takes up to 50% of brain resources, meaning humans are hardwired to respond to images.

People are moving through an overwhelming sea of content every day. They pass quickly over the vast majority of it simply because the sheer quantity leaves no other option. Your job is to get them to stop and realize that you are offering what they need. Images grab attention and convert visitors into readers. Used strategically and correctly, images complement and supplement text content, engage readers, and improve organic search rankings.

At Wodu Media, we understand the importance of images to effective content marketing strategies. Images can be used to evoke emotions favorable to a brand. They can also transmit information faster and more powerfully than text alone. While all of our web design services include sets of premium quality stock images from Getty, there are cases where only custom work will do the job.

Create a Stronger Design with Unique Custom Images

It is no secret that information age attention spans are short. People have to pick and choose between so many content options that they tend to skim through to extract only what they are looking for. Large blocks of text are not inviting – visitors move on because they don’t have time to read. Images break up text blocks and instantly convey messages that encourage further investigation. When images are relevant and interesting, readers spend more time on them than on the page text.

Pairing an image with information improves retention by 65% as measured three days later.

The design team at Wodu Media knows how to leverage images to capture eyeballs, make a brand memorable, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversion numbers. They also know that there are times when only custom work can produce the most effective visual content. Aerial photographs, architectural images, product shots, and travel photography are just a few of the specialized image types we have been called on to provide. Each met needs that could not be satisfied with stock image content.

 High-Quality Images Improve Sales

Research indicates that 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image is included with the information that shows up in search results. For e-commerce, high-quality images are absolutely essential: 63% of customers think that quality of product images is more important than product-specific information and descriptions. Custom images from Wodu Media can do much more than just make your website look good.

If you are building a website or designing marketing materials, there is no reason to forfeit the advantage that excellent images can offer. In a world of stock photos and pictures swiped from Google image search, custom photography can really set your company apart from the competition. Contact Wodu Media to learn how custom photo and video work can energize your marketing program.