Get your business in the news with expertly-written, compelling press releases published in the outlets that matter for your sector. Contact Wodu Media for full-service press release distribution.

  • Go public with news-worthy items about your company.
  • Engage your target audience and raise interest in your brand.
  • Add a powerful strategy to your online marketing campaign.

Need to let your target market know about important events at your company?

Press releases are the traditional channel used by organizations of all types to get concise, specific information about important events and developments out to the public. A press release can be used to report anything interesting happening at your company – a location change, the onboarding of key personnel, a special initiative or program, a new website, a product launch – any information that can engage your audience and raise awareness regarding your organization.

Press releases comprise an essential part of any complete digital marketing program. You want more people to know about your business and products. A strategically-targeted press release distribution campaign by Wodu Media is an excellent way to get your company in the news. 

Wodu Media can handle all aspects of an effective press release strategy for your business.

Press release distribution is a cost-effective, fast, and efficient way to get news out to the public. That is why organizations as large as national governments and as small as online sole-proprietorships use press releases to reach out to their target audiences. In the world of digital marketing, press releases are great for staying front-of-mind with existing customers and coming to the attention of potential new customers. Press releases are perfect for sharing via digital channels and make it easy for journalists and other parties to quickly distribute news about your company. 

The Wodu Media team has the experience and expertise needed to craft press releases that will pique interest and promote publication and sharing. We know the correct distribution networks and have the connections needed to get your information out to where it will have the most effect in terms of driving traffic to your websites and business. A properly-managed, consistently applied press release strategy can add to your bottom line with very minimal outlays of cost and effort. 

Maximize your outreach.

In today’s content-flooded world, it takes consistent and carefully-planned effort to keep your organization and the products you offer standing out from the noise. Most digital marketers know that an effective online presence including a voice on social media is critical. Likewise, the press release, a long-standing and ubiquitous presence in legacy media, is an often-overlooked but potentially very powerful tool in the digital context.

Some online marketers might tell you the era of the press release is past. And at Wodu Media, we tend to agree that most press releases are largely ineffective as marketing tools. In today’s world, there are too many marketers, too many press releases, and too few journalists. That’s why the average press release does not attract coverage.

The “average quality” digital press release does not work. 

 So why are digital press releases still so widely distributed, and why do giants like Ford and General Electric still rely on them as a mainstay of their marketing/PR strategy? Because a well-designed, engagingly written, information-packed press release is one of the best ways to capture and hold attention in today’s 30-second soundbite-driven world. Press releases also play well on social media channels because, when done correctly, a press release is one of the most shareable pieces of marketing content you will ever launch

Today’s press releases can go beyond the ready-written article style of the past to present your audience with a rich multi-media experience. Text, graphics, and complex numbers can be presented in an attractive, accessible format. Go interactive with buttons and thumbnail links. Include an infographic or even audio/video media. A modern press release can be as rich as you want it to be, offering the new angles and additional resources that are attractive to journalists and others who may be looking to cover your story. 

Targeted, efficient, cost-effective.

Press releases used to involve printing and mailing costs at the least. The basic modern digital press release is nearly free when distributed as part of your ongoing email marketing campaign. And a press release is versatile – broadcast to stir up new business, narrow focus to relevant sectors and B2B networks when promoting a new product or service, or reach out to media connections to get your company some buzz. 

At Wodu Media, we were into digital marketing early and have been adapting, growing, and going strong through all the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the game. We are your go-to shop for complete creative marketing strategy sets from digital/online to audio/video/photo to old-school analogue print. Let us show you what a press release campaign can look like and how it can boost your business. We are here to help so get in touch with us now for a free consultation.