A custom CMS build allows system design, workflow, and usability to be tailored to an organization’s specific needs. A custom CMS gives proprietary control of the platform and its functionality to the user it was created for.

  • Custom CMS development.
  • Bespoke eCommerce store designs.
  • Custom module development.

Is a Custom Content Management System right for your business?

Are you looking to differentiate your company’s website from an Internet full of cookie-cutter open-source sites? Would you like a higher level of security than free-ware can offer? Do you want a streamlined CMS with only the specialized functions and tools required to serve the specific needs of your business? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, a Custom CMS from Wodu Media might be the right choice for supporting your organization’s online presence.

Custom CMS Development

Depending on intended usage, an open-source CMS platform can be a budget-friendly solution that offers infinite potential for adding and customizing functionality. However, using extensions to configure a free-ware core to handle heavy traffic volumes and full eCommerce services with a large, complex inventory quickly adds to cost. Moreover, such a strategy carries significant potential for site performance degradation and maintenance difficulties.

Medium to large enterprises may benefit from running a custom CMS that is highly secure and stable, fine-tuned to their business needs, and owned outright as a company asset. In such a scenario, the upfront cost of custom CMS development may be easily recouped over time in the form of improved user efficiency, lower maintenance expenses, and extended system lifespan. At Wodu Media, we have the deep understanding of Internet marketing and online business dynamics needed to help you with a company needs assessment then build you the ultimate CMS if that is the correct option for your case.

We Deliver High-Quality Custom CMS Development

A custom-built CMS can be the foundation for a website that makes your brand stand above the competition. It can add value to your operation with a set of features and processes that perfectly complement your marketing efforts and support agility when rapid adjustments to changing conditions are called for. A tailored CMS from the creative developers at Wodu Media can readily scale to keep pace with your online marketing initiatives and innovations.

Custom CMS Capabilities

Our Custom CMS capabilities and services include:

  • Custom CMS Development
  • Custom Themes and Designs
  • Custom Template Development
  • Custom E-Commerce Store Designs
  • Custom CMS Installation
  • Custom Migration and Integration Services
  • Custom Shipping Module Development
  • Custom Payment Module Development
  • Custom Module Development or Integration

High-performance custom informational and eCommerce websites require expertise and hard work to build. They must conform to strict standards of responsiveness, reliability, and SEO capability. Custom CMS work can represent a significant investment for a business of any size, and full ownership of the product is a logical outcome. Ownership can be a very important factor for start-ups and other operations where new technology partnerships and acquisitions are a possibility. In such cases, building on an open-source CMS core could lead to licensing problems down the road.

We Build Secure, Dependable, Durable CMS

Open source code is natively insecure, and the use of extensions creates a constant source of risk. Bots and other automated attackers tend to target off-the-shelf platforms, and new vulnerabilities seem to be announced almost daily. Although built with reliable standard coding languages and tools, a custom CMS is essentially a one-off item. It is thus less vulnerable to random attacks, and no plugins are ever needed. Moreover, being in control of system design allows for the addition of security measures as desired.

Running a custom CMS removes the unpredictability that comes with using extensions. Update difficulties, code incompatibilities, and expiring support programs are no longer risks. Efficiency is gained by running clean, original code designed to serve purposes specific to your business. And you achieve long-term savings because a custom CMS from Wodu Media will serve for 5 or more years with basic support. Talk to us today about putting these advantages to work for your business with Wodu Media’s custom CMS development services.