Many of the world’s most popular web development software is written in PHP including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and others.

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting language that expert PHP developers can use to do nearly anything you want to be done on a server. Evolving from the C and C++ programming languages and originally designed for web development, PHP has been in use since 1995 and is now in version 7.4 (as of the last update of this page on July 2, 2020).

Despite its age, PHP is still ubiquitous and is used and runs everywhere the web does. All major web browsers support PHP, and PHP-derived content functions well on mobile devices.

PHP scripts can run on most operating systems including Linux, MAC OS, Solaris, Unix, and Windows. PHP supports Apache, IIS, and most other web servers and is designed to optimize server performance by using its own memory. It is also one of the most secure languages available for web development.

PHP is versatile and can be used for the creation of web applications, e-commerce applications, and database applications. It supports connection with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases, and can output HTML, images, PDF files, and any type of XML file. Although it primarily used for server-side scripting, PHP can also be used for non-web programming tasks such as standalone graphical applications and robotic drone controls.

Performance is key in database-driven websites and apps and efficient PHP/MySQL development services will save you time and money. At Wodu Media, our PHP developers combine attention to detail with vast Open Source experience to create robust PHP solutions that fully align with our clients’ business strategies.

PHP: Capable and Powerful

The powerful functionality of PHP makes custom PHP development a perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Whether used to build a large, complex website or a web application, PHP-based development results in a user-friendly interface capable of supporting rich interactivity.

When written by proficient PHP developers, projects done in PHP are cost-effective, highly scalable, and easy to update and maintain post-development. The consistent nature of PHP code allows any team to provide support services – the original developers are not required.

Ultra-high traffic sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia rely on PHP as a server-side programming language.

The Wodu Media web development team uses PHP in conjunction with HTML to add website functionalities that are impossible to execute with HTML alone. For example, because a large number of math functions are part of the PHP core, all types of calculations are possible. PHP can solve mathematical equations. It can find the current date and generate a monthly calendar around it. The calendar can be used as a standalone script or incorporated into other scripts where dates are important.

PHP also supports attractive client-side features such as member spaces with registration and login, guest books, “Last Visited” notifications, polls, photo and thumbnail galleries, and other types of dynamic content.

By leveraging the many capabilities of PHP in combination with Open Source expertise and a deep understanding of business and online marketing, Wodu Media custom PHP developers generate the solutions our clients need for next-level performance in the digital arena.

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  • Web App Development
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Our Expert PHP Developers will Level Up Your Online Presence

PHP is undergoing a surge of popularity among developers, in part because the latest releases (7 Series) demonstrate significant increases in speed. The extensive feature set makes it easy for PHP developers to precisely meet the needs and expectations of business owners. Code reusability in PHP facilitates fast and simple coding, reducing total project cost. High security is another reason companies want their custom software and web development work executed in PHP.

Wodu Media has built a reputation for creating software tools and online spaces that add to the bottom line across a wide range of industries including Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, Government, Education, and the Internet & Technology sectors. Our custom PHP work is ideal for any type of project from simple websites to CRM solutions or complex e-Commerce setups.

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