When your company’s online presence is mission-critical, hosting your business websites calls for the expertise of a specialist. Wodu has been delivering world-class, enterprise-level hosting solutions since 1999. You can depend on our managed hosting services to keep your sites secure and running at top speed.

  • Fully-managed hosting plans
  • Instant set up
  • Lightning fast solid state drives
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • State-of-the-art security hardening

Professional Web Hosting

The most well-designed website or online store cannot be successful without solid hosting, and high-performance hosting as part of your technical backend translates to top performance on your customer-facing frontend. But effective server management is a full-time job that demands expertise in client server and storage architecture, configuration management, backup technologies, monitoring, security, technical support, and more.

Small businesses may not have big IT budgets. Large companies may have IT teams already working at full capacity. Both types of enterprises can save money and gain operational advantages by letting Wodu handle the server maintenance that supports a reliable web presence. We listen, understand your needs, then help you choose the optimal hosting package for your online footprint and style of doing business.

Wodu has been delivering dependable, secure hosting services to enterprises large and small since 1999.

Industry-Leading Security

Security is a primary consideration when shopping for a hosting service because keeping your site up and your business and customer data safe is priority one. Hacking is on the rise, and nowadays it is common for online servers to be attacked thousands of times every hour.

The most effective defense is implementing all available hardening measures and adhering to server security best practices on a permanent ongoing basis. Managing a meticulous backup routine is also an important part of an effective security regime.

Our proactive defense reduces your chance of suffering a hacked site to nearly zero.

In the case of managed hosting services, your security boils down to the hosting provider’s expertise and diligence when it comes to configuring, monitoring, and maintaining their servers. Wodu professional website hosting services give you access to servers that are protected by an extensive security hardening program that begins with configuration then follows through with continuous risk assessment, strict update management, and a clockwork daily backup routine.

Our proactive defense along with constant monitoring for new threats and any signs of developing vulnerability reduce your chance of suffering a hacked site to nearly zero.

Ultra-Fast SSD Servers

Speed is the next core necessity for any website. Minimizing time to first byte—the gap between a user’s HTTP request and their browser’s receipt of the first byte of a webpage—is crucial. Aside from the user’s Internet speed, the key factor at play is the hosting server’s performance in responding to the initial request and sending back that first byte.

Studies show that visitors and mobile search users in particular simply move on if a site is slow to load. And the bar is set high: 47% of consumers expect page load times of 2 seconds or less, while 53% of mobile users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Speed turns directly into conversions, and research shows that a one-second delay in page load results in 11% fewer page views and a 7% reduction in conversions.

SSD storage offers up to 300% faster page load speeds than HDD technology.

Wodu hosting servers run on solid state drive (SSD) storage that offers up to 300% faster page load speeds than older hard disc drive (HDD) technology. An SSD uses flash memory chips to perform the same data storage and retrieval functions as a magnetic hard drive.

But without the spinning disc or mechanical read/write arm—the moving parts—of an HDD, the SSD is more efficient, which translates to near-instantaneous access times and lower latency. SSDs are also more reliable and durable than mechanical drives. Blazing speed combines with these factors to make SSD technology a good choice for businesses and enterprises.

Hosting with Wodu lets you leverage SSD technology coupled with cutting-edge high-speed processing power and careful resource allocation. Our servers are fully-managed 24/7, with daily back-up cloning and a full month of archived backups on hand at all times. Together with the personalized service and support we are known for, it adds up to a top-of-the-line web hosting experience.

Robust Reliable Hosting

When a business site goes down, that company loses money. Depending on what a site is used for and the size of the organization, downtime can be very expensive. Historically, average downtime cost across all industries has been estimated at $5,600 per minute, but recent studies indicate a rise into the $9,000 per minute range.

Website downtime costs across all businesses now average between $2,300 to $9,000 per minute.

For smaller companies, downtime cost can range from $137 to $427 per minute, while larger companies might lose $16,000 per minute. A classic example is the March, 2019 downtime suffered by Facebook. That 14-hour outage cost almost $90 million. Delta Airlines went offline for 5 hours in August, 2016, resulting in a $150 million dollar loss. It is clear that anything less than 99.9% yearly uptime is completely unacceptable for any business website.

If you connect with a good hosting service, downtime is not a factor you need to consider. With Wodu Managed Hosting Services, our 24/7 eyes-on approach keeps downtime at an absolute minimum. We know your company is in our hands, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Wodu Covers All the Bases

Making a good choice from among the multitude of website hosting providers ultimately comes down to the 5-S criteria: security, speed, stability, support, and scalability. You also have to know your needs well, and you want a hosting provider who is ready to listen and understand those needs then work with you to meet them.

A good hosting provider covers the 5-S criteria: security, speed, stability, support, & scalability.

Whether you are launching a start-up or reworking online presence for an existing business, apply the five S-factors when considering your hosting and website performance needs in light of the primary purpose/use of your site, as visitor numbers stand presently, and as the situation will most likely be 12 or 24 months into the future. Wodu can help, and we will be your partner wherever business takes you.

Wodu started out in 1999 as a small-town company delivering boutique web design services to businesses in Key West, Florida. Now, Wodu fields an international team and serves the web development and Internet marketing needs of clients across the world. But we cling to our small-town startup roots when it comes to knowing our customers and providing fast, friendly, expert support via chat, phone, email, or our e-ticket system.

Contact us today to start a conversation about our Managed Website Hosting Services or one of our other high-performance web hosting options.