The Challenge

WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress e-commerce platform that supports a variety of off-the-shelf payment gateways. However, when increased site traffic and growing conversion rates led to slow and clumsy transaction processing, our client was facing climbing abandoned cart counts.

Research by the development team at Wodu indicated that a frustrating user experience and limited capability to meet the challenge of handling the rapid growth rate projected for this dynamic e-commerce business would be persistent downsides associated with the use of generic payment processing plugins. Off-the-shelf payment plugins lacked the flexibility needed for optimization to the needs of the business and its customer base, and the most functional options out there came with recurring monthly fees.

The Solution

Our client needed to enhance the payment processing capabilities of their WooCommerce shopfront plugin. A custom solution built around a bespoke WordPress plugin would allow the business to best tailor their online payment solutions to meet present demands and future needs.

User experience is always paramount on an e-commerce site, so the custom payment gateway plugin would seamlessly integrate into the WooCommerce checkout process. On the backend, a user-friendly configuration interface would allow for quick and stress-free input of gateway credentials and the setup of relevant options.

Wodu conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s payment processing needs and identified specific features required for the custom payment gateway integration. The project scope, including essential functionalities, security measures, and user experience requirements, was defined in collaboration with stakeholders.

Our development team designed the plugin architecture to ensure modularity, scalability, and adherence to WordPress coding standards. UI/UX elements were carefully considered to provide a seamless experience for both administrators and end-users. The developers prioritized secure data transmission and compliance with payment industry standards and regulations (such as PCI DSS) to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.

The tailor-made design included a user-friendly dashboard within the WordPress admin panel to support easy configuration of payment settings. Comprehensive documentation, including installation guides and user manuals, was provided to assist administrators in ongoing configuration and maintenance of the plugin.

After thorough testing and validation, the custom WordPress plugin was deployed on the client website in a phased rollout strategy designed to minimize potential disruptions to the live site.

The Results

Smooth, seamless integration with the WooCommerce checkout process plus customized payment confirmation messages and order status notifications have improved the user experience on the client’s e-commerce site. The results are higher conversion rates, increased repeat sales, and more favorable online reviews.

The shopping experience is secure, and the client can leverage the defensive power of onsite real-time monitoring and response capabilities. The ability to rapidly adapt to emerging threats is also enhanced.

The client now enjoys the advantages of a tailored solution that improves the functionality of their online store and aligns precisely with their specific requirements while offering the flexibility required to accommodate any future enhancements and updates needed to support their growing business.

$0 Monthly Software Cost
27 Days To Launch
5 Mins Saved Per Order
+7% Repeat Purchase Rate