Email marketing is a powerful tool that generates a solid ROI. Wodu builds creative, mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns designed to inspire and engage, so if If you don’t have an email marketing strategy in place, the time to fix that is NOW. We offer a bundled service that covers every base:

  • Email marketing software setup, newsletter list creation, branded template.
  • Two professionally written newsletters per month.
  • Website popup with autoresponder sequence.

Are you looking for a powerful email marketing campaign?

With global email users now counting in the billions, email is fast becoming the primary channel used for marketing and lead generation by B2C and B2B companies alike. Email is a great way for any business to connect with their audience, promote their brand, and increase sales. And email marketing is known for generating solid ROI numbers. The team at Wodu are experts at leveraging the value of creative email marketing.

Email marketing produces more than four times the ROI generated by direct mail, paid search, and social media.

Trends indicate that email-generated revenue figures will continue to improve into the future as the email user base expands and market penetration increases. With more and more consumers engaging with their favorite brands via email, any business stands to gain by reaching out to their target audience through a custom-tailored email marketing campaign.

Wodu offers cutting-edge email marketing campaigns. From customer list creation and segmentation to custom campaign design and implementation, we lead the way with creative approaches to communicating with your target market, increasing inbound website traffic, and converting leads into customers.

Professional MailChimp account setup.

As part of our service will set up a new or existing MailChimp account with a connection to your website/eCommerce platform. The MailChimp Setup package includes completion of the following tasks:

  • Create branded email header and footer.
  • Create a user-friendly email template for use in sending out special offers and newsletters.
  • Create a newsletter address list from an existing customer list.
  • Automate address list new customer update function.
  • Setup automated abandoned cart email.
  • Setup automated VIP offer emails to clients who spend above a predefined amount.
  • Setup automated long-term client offer emails for the one-year anniversary of first purchase.
  • Setup website popup with autoresponder sequence.

Mobile optimized email marketing.

Statistics indicate that mobile users are quickly becoming the critical audience for email marketing campaigns. Depending on your target audience, product or service, and email type, anywhere from 20% to 75% of email opens will take place on a mobile device. Messages that do not open and display well on a mobile device get ignored. That’s why Wodu designs responsive, mobile-optimized email campaigns.

Over 80% of users will delete emails that are not optimized for mobile devices.

At Wodu, we are experts in building effective email templates that let your marketing content come through loud and clear on every conceivable device from mobile phones to tablets or desktop monitors. Our reliable, mobile-friendly email designs constitute a medium for today, easy to read regardless of how your audience chooses to access them.

Total email marketing automation.

Wodu’s accomplished marketing email designers can guide you in creating an email marketing program from scratch or work with you on your favorite email marketing platform. Choose from our dedicated email marketing software or let us know your alternative preference. We can deliver HTML or drag-and-drop responsive templates as needed to meet your requirements. Up your email marketing game with Wodu.

Depend on our team to keep you ahead of the constantly evolving technology. We create forward-compatible email template designs that are ready for whatever the future of digital marketing brings our way. Our themes, layouts, templates, and graphics will make your content pop while inspiring and engaging your audience whether they are clicking in on desktop PCs or the latest new devices. Partner with Wodu today and take your email marketing campaign to the next level!