The Joomla! platform is open-source and freely available but customization by professional developers is the best way to create a  reliable, high-performance website. Maintaining consistent focus on usability and extensibility has helped Joomla! earn numerous awards.

  • Professional Joomla! website design, development, and ongoing support services.
  • Dynamic, robust websites from enterprise level to blogs and personal sites.
  • Custom theme development, data migration, API integrations, and secure hosting available.

Do you need a CMS solution that combines power and capability with user-friendly simplicity?

Joomla! is an open-source CMS platform that offers exceptional ease-of-use features and nearly unlimited extensibility. Used for about 2.5 million websites worldwide, Joomla! is the second most popular open source CMS available. With a comprehensive set of native CMS functionalities and over 7,000 available extensions, Joomla! can be used to develop both large and small dynamic web projects. Whether you need a corporate or small business website, a school or church site, or a simple family homepage, Wodu Media’s Joomla! development service can provide a custom solution that perfectly meets your requirements.

The Joomla! CMS is versatile enough to power a wide range of different website types and styles. It is trusted for use by government organizations around the world and has been used to create millions of corporate web sites, portals, intranets and extra-nets. Online reservation systems, digital publications, e-Commerce stores, social or community sites, online education sites, media applications and more are within the capabilities of skilled Joomla! developers.

The web development team at Wodu Media has years of experience creating and supporting web sites and online applications built with Joomla! We are Joomla! development professionals who listen carefully to our clients’ needs, then follow the most reliable development approaches, coding practices, and deployment methodologies to build reliable, scalable sites that engage visitors and exceed performance objectives.

Creative Web Design Skills and Expert Joomla! Development

At Wodu Media we are fluent in the PHP scripting language that Joomla! is written in. We know our way around the thousands of extensions that have been created since Joomla! launched in 2005. We can tackle the most complex Joomla! development projects and produce websites that balance efficient functionality with exceptional user experience and artistic appeal. Once your site is up and running, Wodu Media can provide all necessary support and maintenance.

Our Joomla! capabilities and services include:

  • Joomla! Site Design & Development
  • Joomla! Theming
  • Joomla! Content Management
  • Joomla! Information Architecture
  • Joomla! eCommerce Designs
  • Joomla! Hosting
  • Joomla! Data Migration
  • Joomla! API Integrations
  • Joomla! Upgrades
  • Joomla! Support & Maintenance

Packt Publishing, a leading provider of Technology eBooks, Coding eBooks, Videos, and Blogs has chosen Joomla! for 3 Open Source Content Management System Awards. Features like easy menu creation, built in SEO features, front-end editing capabilities, multilingual support and solid scalability make Joomla! a favorite among developers and end-users alike. Wodu Media can help you assess your needs and determine if Joomla! is the correct option for you. If it is, we will create a technical blueprint based on your individual business needs and proceed with the development process.

Joomla! – The Happy Medium

By offering more power and features than WordPress but less complexity than Drupal, Joomla! comes in at a point that is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It is an all-purpose solution to developing multi-user and interactive websites that can grow with your business. As your user base builds and more complex capabilities are needed, Wodu Media can help you scale up and add new features with minimal difficulty and downtime.

Abstract square shape architecture.

Whether your project involves a new site build or an upgrade, extension, or data migration with an existing site, Wodu Media has your needs covered. We can put together a full Joomla! development package for you or provide design, development, support, and maintenance services as needed. Contact us soon and let’s discuss the possibilities that Joomla! offers for your online business.