Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

Peter Downie is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Wodu Media. With a wide skill set that includes design, web consulting, and implementation of advanced internet marketing strategy, he oversees the daily operations of Wodu. You might also call him the Wodu Media GPS, i.e., General Problem Solver.

“I’m a web consultant who is also able to jump in and execute my own ideas. I appreciate quality and see things through to completion – from the initial vision to the finer details.”

Since founding Wodu Media in 1999 in Key West, Florida, Peter has witnessed dramatic shifts in the internet marketing landscape. Back then, you could set up a simple website, add some meta keywords and the traffic would start rolling in. Those days are over… building it no longer means they will come.

If you want to rank high on search lists today, your site design will need to be refined, organized, and equipped to respond to future Google® algorithm updates. As a search marketing expert who has overseen the acquisition – and defense – of scores of top 3 position keywords, Peter is in a position to help you navigate the ever-changing field of Search Engine Optimization.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge with businesses, working as part of a team to achieve strategic goals, and keeping up to date with the latest web technologies.”

In addition to internet marketing consulting, Peter has personally designed hundreds of logos, graphics, and websites, and has overseen countless more in the role of creative director. As the leader of the Wodu Media design team, he is responsible for ensuring delivery of an exceptional design brief, handling revisions constructively and efficiently, performing quality control, and ultimately making sure both artists and clients receive full value.