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Maximize the security and performance of your WordPress website with Wodu Media’s WordPress Support & Maintenance Services. We offer help with downtime problems, troubleshooting, hack repairs, plugin/theme errors, and general support. Our WordPress maintenance plans include uptime monitoring, security scans, daily backups, upgrades, monthly reports, and more.

  • Ensure outstanding performance with premium WordPress hosting and management services.
  • Protect your online presence with uptime monitoring and daily website backups.
  • Put a team of WordPress experts to work keeping your WordPress site at its best.

Do you want a one-stop solution to your WordPress support and maintenance needs?

Versatility and ease of use are perhaps the two WordPress characteristics that have been most influential in securing the platform’s status as the world’s top content management system. The user-friendly nature of the WordPress software has made it the choice of millions of first-time bloggers and amateur web developers.

Original WordPress founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little along with the cast of thousands world-wide who have helped to build this free, open-source CMS all deserve a lot of credit. They have played a huge role in driving the democratization of access to web publishing that has emerged since the 2003 launch of WordPress as a simple blogging platform.

Our expert WordPress Support and Maintenance Services drastically reduce the time you spend maintaining your website and handling spam, hacks, errors, and other problems.

But a fun blog or small personal site is one thing while using WordPress to maintain a mission-critical online presence for a large organization or growing business enterprise is another. Getting your WordPress website built is just the beginning. Mundane ongoing tasks start with monitoring the site, running security checks, creating regular backups, and keeping all components updated.

It sounds easy at first, but theme modifications, database management, URL redirects, and many other small jobs come along to quickly add up to a serious chore. Then of course there are the inevitable problematic situations when parts of a website just don’t function like they should, or run as fast as they could. And don’t forget the straight-up emergencies when your site breaks down and goes offline for one reason or another.

Moreover, getting the very best performance out of a WordPress website requires a deep skillset, and there will always be some situations that call for the specialized assistance only experts can provide. No matter how easy it looks, for anything beyond the simplest applications, running a WordPress site takes a significant amount of time and effort.

High-quality WordPress support & maintenance is an operational necessity.

It would be nice if running a WordPress website was a set it and forget it proposition. Unfortunately, experience shows that this is not the case. The web is a fluid and somewhat hazardous space, and the WordPress software is a constantly changing entity. If you fail to stay current with software changes and regular maintenance work, there is no way you can leverage the WordPress platform to its full potential.

At the very least, site performance and page speed will suffer, and these two factors are critical in keeping visitors on your site and converting them to customers. In a worst-case scenario, a lapse in security could lead to a devastating hack that jeopardizes everything you have worked for. In an era where major corporations with huge IT budgets fall victim to well-publicized hacks and data breaches, almost all Internet users know the importance of staying on top of website security matters.

Handling updates, security, general administration, and the many other tasks involved in keeping a high-performance WordPress website online is a lot of hard work.

Business people who understand the importance of online presence in modern marketing can easily realize that making a poor impression on the web could be worse than having no online presence at all. And very few people will have the time it takes to pay proper attention to their company website and still be able to run their business.

If you are not a WordPress specialist or do not have access to a dedicated IT team, the best solution is to let professionals take on most of the time-consuming workload. This will produce major stress relief and open up opportunities to put more focus on important matters like growing your business.

The Wodu Media WordPress team has the skills and expertise you can depend on when a reliable online presence and exceptional user experience are essential to success. We approach maintenance work from a knowledge base built over decades spent building, optimizing, running, and repairing hundreds of WordPress sites. As a Custom WordPress Development firm, we are experts when it comes to offering the kind of refined technical support that serious WordPress users rely on.

Think carefully about the requirements of a sound WordPress support program.

If you are going to be online, you have to be ready to do the hard work it takes to put the best face forward for your company or organization and protect what is yours at all times. The heavy demands associated with making sure a website looks good, runs well, and stays secure over time are what cause so many well-intentioned amateur webmasters to give up and let their sites fall behind the times or go down completely.

For example, consider the task of keeping the core WordPress code and any themes and plugins you are running upgraded. This is an essential maintenance requirement. For all practical intents, it is an endless job, and failure to attend to it properly has consequences:

  • Many updates include security patches for newly-discovered vulnerabilities. Failure to keep up with timely installation of these patches compromises site security.
  • Themes and plugins often require updates to remain compatible with the latest WordPress release. Failing to update these can lead to website breakdowns.
  • Updates to themes and plugins also give access to the latest features, enhancing the functionality and user experience provided by a site.
  • Incompatibility errors and security vulnerabilities can arise if inactive themes and plugins are not removed during periodic updates.

Staying current with updates is critical, and testing is an important aspect of the process. This involves running any proposed changes on a staging site to test and check that everything is working properly before applying updates to the live website. Testing is the key to taking the risk out of updating your website. Are you ready and able to take the time needed to properly run through all the steps in a WordPress update sequence?

Every second of loading delay turns into a 7% decrease in conversion rates.

Once you have the basics of WordPress maintenance taken care of, support for getting the best performance out of your site is the next thing to consider. Uptime monitoring is foundational, and if your site goes down or even moves beyond acceptable internal performance parameters, you want someone on the case and troubleshooting immediately.

After 100% uptime is achieved, speed is the prime necessity for any website. Research consistently shows that site visitors and especially mobile search users will quickly abandon a site that is slow to load. Surveys show that 47% of consumers expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and 53% of mobile users will move on if loading time exceeds 3 seconds. Fast page loads keep visitors on your site and increase their engagement. Speed also boosts sales because every second of loading delay turns into a 7% decrease in conversion rates.

Your WordPress agency of choice.

For general WordPress support and maintenance services on through custom theme and plugin development, SEO work, site migration, and high-performance hosting, Wodu Media is your one-stop shop. We are the agency of choice for clients who are serious about getting the most out of a WordPress website. Our clients run the gamut from hobbyists and sole proprietors to multinational enterprises, and we bring the same degree of passion to fulfilling all of their WordPress needs.

Experienced WordPress users will appreciate having the Wodu Media crew on hand as an expert back-up team. We are just a phone call or email away when things at work get hectic and there is simply no time available to spend running updates, searching for the cause of an error, or struggling to get a broken site back online.

Site owners who are new to WordPress will run into problematic situations that at best will demand hours of online research and back-and-forth with WordPress Support before solutions can be found. And there will always be cases where you cannot solve a problem by yourself and outside help must be called in anyway. With Wodu Media on your side, there is no need to turn to strangers in time of need.

Investing in professional WordPress support and maintenance services produces immediate returns.

From a pure business standpoint, making us your WordPress support and maintenance partner is a sound investment. Time is money, and enrolling in a Wodu Media WordPress Support and Maintenance plan delivers immediate dramatic time savings when we take over the basic heavy maintenance tasks for your WordPress site. Measurable ROI in the form of increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates produced by an SEO-optimized high-performance website takes a bit longer to realize but it certainly does come.

Wodu Media is a boutique WordPress development and digital marketing agency. We are inspired by design, Google® Partner Certified as a leader in paid search campaigns, and have over 2,500 project launches under our belts. For us, working with WordPress is all about seamlessly blending the potential for creativity and beauty the platform offers with the hardcore nuts and bolts of high performance, top speed, and tight security. Get in touch with us today to explore the benefits that Wodu Media WordPress Support and Maintenance Services can offer your enterprise.