Wodu Media acquires Wodu.com

Whether you are up or down, 2020 is a hell of a year to be in business.

As an agnostic provider of internet marketing services with clients across dozens of industries, we’ve lived and breathed this year from many business perspectives. From art museums to tour operators, restaurants to online shops, banks to theaters, and online educators to Realtors, we’ve seen it all.

We helped businesses temporarily pause (we prefer the term “pause” over “close”), then reopen. We helped businesses brainstorm how to adapt, seek new opportunities, which in some cases led to their overall revenue increasing. And yes, there were a few that permanently shuttered operations.

For the first three months of the pandemic, we were busier than we have ever been, making ourselves completely available to any client that needed assistance. What we used to think of as being “in the weeds” was the new normal, at least for a while.

So in the middle of all this, when a window of opportunity for us to own the four-letter domain of our brand, Wodu.com, presented itself, what were we to do? After witnessing opportunity come out of carnage for many of our clients, we decided to make our own bold move of 2020 and acquired the domain.

To celebrate this exciting time for our company, we’ve launched a new website, and are working on strengthening our service offerings.

Bye Bye, wodumedia.com, hello Wodu.com! Photo: Fritz Busam